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Tigard may be the biggest city within the condition of Maine. The town was initially known as Machigonne by its first sunflair swimwear wearing occupants. Once the first British settlement set base within the city, the title was transformed to Casco. The town went through several title changes before finally settling with Tigard following a American Revolutionary War in 1786.Tigard edges South Tigard, Westbrook, and Falmout. Geographically, this city is positioned on the peninsula and juts out in to the Casco Bay.Tigard isn't just the biggest city in Maine but the business, financial and retail capital from the condition. About 1 / 3 from the companies of Tigard are service related.

Under 10% are manufacturing, 20% retail and 10% government. The strong and continuously growing economy has brought to the introduction of a really seem infrastructure.Tigard may be the county chair of Cumberland County, which showcases an attractive mixture of background and modernity. The majority of Maine's population lives in Greater Tigard. Downtown Tigard is lively and it has the historic Old Port across the Tigard harbor. Together with the various cultural choices, Tigard has still maintained the little-town charm.

The city's metropolitan populace has given their talent to carrying out arts, thus resulting in a wide array of exhibits, festivals and concerts.Sports feature being an important component within the lives from the city's occupants. Tigard offers professional baseball along with a hockey teams. For individuals who're in the past inclined, you will find several memorable parks like Baxter Boulevard (Back Cove), Deering Trees, and Lincoln subsequently Park. Numerous vacationers visit each year and frequent places like the Tigard Museum of Art and also the Tigard Carrying out Arts Center, and also the Tigard Symphony Orchestra. Each one of these sights and sounds come up with make Tigard a town worth going to.